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Royalty Collection

Our music distribution services include comprehensive royalty collection to ensure that you receive the earnings you deserve from your music streams and downloads. Here’s how we help you with royalty collection:

  1. Global Royalty Collection: We have established relationships with collecting societies and performance rights organizations worldwide. This allows us to collect royalties on your behalf from various territories and sources, including streaming platforms, radio broadcasts, live performances, and more.
  2. Accurate Tracking and Reporting: Our advanced tracking systems accurately monitor and report your music’s usage and earnings. We provide transparent and detailed reports, giving you insights into how your music is performing across different platforms and territories.
  3. Timely Payments: We handle the complex process of collecting royalties and ensure that you receive your earnings in a timely manner. We handle the administrative tasks and work with collecting societies and digital platforms to streamline the payment process.
  4. Publishing Administration: If you are a songwriter or composer, we can assist with publishing administration. This includes registering your songs with performance rights organizations, managing publishing rights, and collecting publishing royalties on your behalf.
  5. Rights Management: We help protect your intellectual property and ensure that your rights are properly managed. This includes monitoring unauthorized usage of your music and taking appropriate actions to enforce your rights.

Our goal is to maximize your earnings and ensure that you are fairly compensated for your creative work. By entrusting us with royalty collection, you can focus on making music while we handle the intricate process of tracking, reporting, and collecting your royalties.

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