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Rights Management

Our rights management services are designed to safeguard your intellectual property and ensure that you can monetize your music effectively. Here’s how we help you manage your rights:

  1. Copyright Protection: We assist you in registering your songs with the appropriate copyright authorities to establish legal ownership and protect your music from unauthorized use. This includes filing copyright registrations and providing guidance on copyright laws and infringement prevention.
  2. Licensing and Clearances: We help you navigate the complex world of music licensing by securing the necessary permissions and clearances for your music. This includes obtaining mechanical licenses for physical and digital sales, synchronization licenses for TV, film, and advertising placements, and performance licenses for public performances.
  3. Royalty Collection: We work diligently to collect the royalties owed to you for the usage of your music. This includes monitoring and tracking your music’s usage across various platforms, ensuring accurate royalty calculations, and collecting payments from sources such as streaming platforms, radio broadcasts, live performances, and more.
  4. Digital Rights Management (DRM): We implement DRM technologies and strategies to protect your music from unauthorized distribution or piracy. This includes digital watermarking, encryption, and content monitoring to prevent unauthorized usage and ensure that you have control over how your music is distributed.
  5. Rights Administration: We handle the administrative tasks associated with rights management, including managing licensing agreements, tracking usage permissions, and monitoring compliance with copyright regulations. This allows you to focus on creating music while we handle the legal and administrative aspects.
  6. Sync Placements and Opportunities: We actively seek synchronization placements for your music in TV shows, films, advertisements, and other media. Our team works closely with music supervisors, production companies, and advertising agencies to maximize your opportunities for sync licensing.
  7. Publishing Administration: If you are a songwriter or composer, we provide publishing administration services to handle the registration of your songs with performance rights organizations, manage publishing rights, and collect publishing royalties on your behalf.

By entrusting us with rights management, you can have peace of mind knowing that your music is protected, and you can effectively monetize your creative work. Our dedicated team ensures that your rights are properly managed, royalties are collected, and opportunities for licensing and synchronization placements are maximized.

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