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Metadata Management

Our metadata management services ensure that your music is accurately represented and optimized for maximum discoverability across various platforms. We handle the organization and dissemination of essential metadata related to your music. Here are the services and processes involved:

  1. Metadata Organization: We work closely with you to gather all necessary information about your music, including song titles, artist names, album information, tracklisting, genre, and relevant credits. This ensures that your music is properly identified and categorized.
  2. Metadata Enhancement: Our team of experts meticulously reviews and enhances your metadata to ensure accuracy and consistency. We optimize metadata elements such as genre classification, artist biographies, album descriptions, and release dates to provide a compelling representation of your music.
  3. Album Artwork Management: We assist in the management and optimization of your album artwork. This includes ensuring that the artwork meets the required specifications for different platforms, such as size, resolution, and file format. We help create visually appealing and eye-catching album covers that attract listeners’ attention.
  4. Metadata Delivery: Once the metadata is organized and enhanced, we deliver it to the relevant music platforms and digital distributors. This ensures that your music is properly represented and easily searchable across streaming services, online music stores, and social media platforms.
  5. Quality Control: We conduct rigorous quality checks to ensure that the metadata is error-free and compliant with platform guidelines. This includes verifying song titles, artist names, and other details to avoid any confusion or discrepancies.
  6. Updates and Maintenance: We offer ongoing support for metadata updates and maintenance. As your music evolves, we help keep your metadata up to date, ensuring that new releases, collaborations, or changes in artist information are accurately reflected across platforms.
  7. Metadata Reporting: We provide insights and reports on the performance of your metadata, including metrics like search visibility, engagement, and user interactions. This information helps you understand how effectively your music is being discovered and consumed.

By effectively managing your metadata, we ensure that your music is presented in a consistent, professional manner, enhancing its visibility and discoverability. This enables listeners to find and engage with your music more easily, increasing your chances of reaching a wider audience and maximizing your music’s impact.

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