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Talent Grooming


Counseling: New Faces and Actors who’re trying to get into Bollywood. (*nominal fee)

CELEBRITY MANAGEMENT: Monthly normal service fees and 15% commission

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT: Essential for any Media Aspirant

ARRANGEMENT FOR PORTFOLIOS: Renowned photographers with result oriented portfolios

SPECIALIZED GROOMING & PRE-AUDITION SERVICES: Bollywood Aspirants to approach to the TOP NOTCH in the Industry.

News Agency: HARDIK FILMS ENTERTAINMENTcan produce a local news story for your tv news channel or shoot an interview!

Live Shows & Event Coverage: We cover all kinds of live shows, awards functions, events, and gathering!

 Stock Footage India: We can arrange different genre of stock footage and stock photos about India, Indian culture, various Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi, different kind of jungles, forts, Khajuraho temples, Taj Mahal, Hindu temples, prominent location like India gate,gateway of India, red fort as well as different Indian people like Punjabi Sikh, Indian Muslims, Hindus, Jain monks, Himalayas, Indian Naga sadhu, holy dip at Ganga river, cities establish shots,Camel Safari, Gipsy People, Indian Tribal People,  Bollywood Films and Dance Sequences like Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Manipuri, Theyyam, Indian Musical Instruments like Dholak, Veena, Chap, Shehnai, Sitar, Bansuri etc


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