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New Album - Out Now

Some of the beautiful and latest MP3 Audio songs have been released by Hardik Films.

  1. Lye Ghaas Lyayi Bharu Sumana Dyie5:25
  2. Kajal ko Ghero6:28
  3. Chuma Yati Choi5:29
  4. Phool Fulya Aaru4:27
  5. Syali Ramita4:02
  6. Dil Laige7:48
  7. Silki Raka Pwan5:03

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Hardik films Entertainments Pvt Ltd is film & video production company and record label  in Dehradun & Mumbai (India), For filming in India We deeply understand that every project has a unique set of objectives, specific requirements, therefore, we take great precaution in accessing the creative and specific production needs & other parameters keeping in mind the budget & deadlines! 

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